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  • P&A Cosmetics Business Department only pursuits certified ingredients for all products. As cosmetic components are directly absorbed into our skin it must be must be strictly selected with professional decision making at all times. In other words, to qualify for the competitive beauty industry as today, clean and safe ingredients must always be the preponderate requisite. Therefore, as specialists in this realm we have conducted countless research and accumulated various experiences for the past many years in order to produce products with the best ingredients possible. All Adelio products are therefore organic certified, patent certified, and are only treated with botanic ingredients. Furthermore, to meet diverse customers needs and demands, we offer a wide-range selection of product lines. For clients whom desire products for use on a daily base we recommend the Adelio Origin Product line and for customers who are hoping for dramatic whitening effects we have released the Glutathione Adelio White. Moreover, for outdoor activities the Boswellia Golf Bos would be an excellent choice you could make.
    With no doubt, our executives and staff members of P&A Corporation are certain that in today’s ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands comes from the heart. Business is not about being fancy nor pleasing stockholders. It’s about being honest to ourselves and focusing on the essentials.
    Stay Sustainedly, Stay Eternally, with Adelio by P&A Lab.


    We are constantly researching safe ingredients and effective materials, and we are actively conducting research activities with our customers' skin as the top priority.